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In April of 2015, when I ventured into the wonderful world of indie publishing, I dove in head first without a clue to what I was doing. There were many bumps along the way, some larger than others, but, thankfully, I’d been introduced to several indie authors who’d already self-published and gave me advice and direction. I wouldn’t still be here today if it hadn’t been for their guiding hands, and I can’t thank them enough.

While, I haven’t hit the big-time best-seller lists, I have learned so much since my early days that I love to pay-it-forward to those authors who are trying to navigate this crazy world of self-publishing. I participate in several author groups on Facebook, and, as a result, have been contacted by many new or experienced authors, as well as those who haven’t hit “publish” yet on their first book, asking for information or advice on one topic or another. I’ve spoken out on a variety of subjects that affect indie authors on social media, trying to help others avoid pitfalls that many other authors have gotten caught up in, usually by no fault of their own. They just didn’t know where to find the information or found themselves victims of scams like vanity presses and any other business set up to cheat unexperienced authors.

I decided to start this blog so I have a place to keep all the information and tips in a central location. If there is any topic that you’d like to see covered, please let me know in either the comments or through my Facebook page.

Despite what some people may say, the book community is a close one. We love to see our fellow authors grow and find success, and wish it could happen to everyone, but to do so honestly.

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