Same Character Name/Same Title? It Happens!

Over the past few months, there have been many issues that have come up, resulting in the book community to be at each other’s throats. Stop with the “mine, mine, mine” attitudes. If someone is plagiarizing, stealing your covers or your images, or copying your UNIQUE series name or UNIQUE title, then, yes, you have every right to be pissed and take action. But to claim common words for copyights or hashtags, claim you own a stock photo, claim you came up with a title that is genric, claim a story line is the first of its kind (there are thousands of ways for different authors to write the same plot), and going after people who “violate” those claims will do nothing but piss off the rest of the community and make you a persona non grata. 

We’re here to support each other. 99% of us want to see every author succeed, and hell, most of us will do whatever we can to help you achieve that success (except write the book for you). So before you go contacting someone in a PM or through a post, or replying to their tweet, THINK first. Do you truly “own” it? Did you make it up and it’s so UNIQUE that it’s highly unlikely no one else did?

When I published my first book, Leather & Lace, I didn’t think to look and see if the title was used before. It had been. Dozens of times. Did I get contacted by any of those people telling me to change the title? No.

When I did a search on Amazon for books titled No Way in Hell, while writing a crossover book with another author a year and a half ago, I was shocked to see no one had used it before. Such a simple title. People use that expression all the time. A few months later, an author I’ve become friends with, whose books I’ve been reading for longer than I’ve been an author, told me the title she was thinking for her next book — No Way in Hell. I started laughing and told her I’d just released a book with that title. Did I tell her she couldn’t use it? No. (She hasn’t use it as of yet.)

Someone else just released a book with that same exact title a few months ago. Again, I don’t hold a claim to it because it’s not UNIQUE!

That same author I’m friends with, who hasn’t read my books (which I’m perfectly fine with), released a book with a character named Jake Dononvan, which is a character name I had used a few months earlier in my already released MM book. When I saw the same name, again, I laughed my ass off and told her great minds think alike. I’ve read numerous books with the same character names or titles or plot lines. Shit like this happens all the time!

So before you go laying claim to something, think first. Your response can do one of several things, but most likely will end up with one of the two following reactions. It can either make you and the other person laugh and maybe become friends or it can end up in screen shots pissing off a lot of people who have never heard of you and now refuse to buy any of your books. Which do you think is the logical choice?

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